Get Informed

So you want to own your own business? Call the shots? Be the boss? Your first and most important step is to make sure you have done your research. Take the time to evauate your present situation and actually write down your goals.

  • What are your reasons for going into business?
  • What skills do you have?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • How can these be incorporated into a successful venture?

The employees at MESA combine over a hundred years of experience in the embroidery industry, in every facet from selling machines to running their own businesses. Our staff know how to run an embroidery business from top to bottom, and we gladly share our expertise!

Small Business Start-up Basics

Since you're here, we know you're ready. One of the most comprehensive sources of information for the entrepreneur is the United States Small Business Administration. They have everything from planning and marketing, to legal, financing and tax issues for anyone wanting to start a small business. There's a step-by-step tutorial on writing a business plan and even a Startup Kit for the budding entrepreneur. That's just the beginning; the site is loaded with details on various regulations and links to all sorts of helpful services.

In addition to doing general research, you'll also need to focus your efforts specifically on the embroidery industry. We've done the research for you - use these links to learn more about embroidery:

Now that you're better informed...

It's time to target your market.