Why Start An Embroidery Business?

  • It's profitable.
  • Everyone buys embroidered goods.
  • Your business can be operated full-time or part-time.
  • You can work from home.
  • The equipment doesn't require special skills to operate.
  • Easy to market.
  • Be your own employer.
  • You don't need a fortune to get started.

There's nothing like the satisfaction of being your own boss.

With computer-controlled embroidery machines your business will produce high-quality, commercial embroidery that can be sold to anyone from collectors at a craft show to multi-national corporations.

You don't need a fortune to get started.

Profitable embroidery businesses can be built with a simple single-head machine for very little up-front investment. Using lease-to-own options which offer affordable monthly payments plus tax incentives, you can work from home and build a very profitable business with minimal start-up costs.

The demand for embroidered goods is growing fast.

More types of business and organizations are turning to embroidered wearables and other goods to help build identity or communicate a message. In addition, embroidery is finding a resurgence in fashion and boutique markets, from embroidered jeans to shower curtains, handbags and other creative applications.

Works well at home or in a separate shop.

Along with our big multi-head customers who are proud of their large, efficient factories, we also have many success stories from MESA machine owners who operate out of their homes.

So why choose MESA?

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So you know what you want and ready to get started?

Now it's time to get informed.