Marketing Ideas

  • Donate your services to charity fund-raisers. Charity fund-raisers often include auctions and raffles. This is a great way for you to give to your community and get great publicity. The organization will usually include your company name, address and phone number in their program in exchange for your donation. Check newspapers or the Chamber of Commerce for upcoming fund-raisers.
  • Have stories printed about you. Write a story about your business or have someone do it for you. Then find a newspaper or magazine that is willing to publish your story. Linking your story to a newsworthy topic will help get it published.
  • Give away free specialty gifts. Giving away free specialty gifts with your business name, logo, photo, phone number or web site is a simple way for you to be memorable to others.
  • Serve on an Association Committee. You not only meet key people but you will develop relationships with them which is how you grow your credibility. Remember it is not how many contacts you have but the impression those people have of you. Taking on responsibility and following through puts you in a class above others. You will be someone that others will feel confident sending business to.
  • Create your Advocate list. Notice who thinks highly of you. Which friends, clients, associates think you are great? These people will be great referral sources for you because they believe in you. Explain to each of them how they can send you business. Be sure to stay in touch with them at least every thirty days. Call them, send them a note, have lunch with them or send them business.
  • Call, mail or email the top 20% of your customers an irresistible offer for an immediate cash bonus.
  • Shift the emphasis of your website from a sales tool, to a vehicle to begin a relationship with your potential customers. You do this by offering valuable free information or products in return for their contact details.
  • Make sure that all of your Marketing copy is a personal communication to the person reading it talking about their needs and desires, rather than a dull description of you and your business.
  • If you haven't done so already, test pay per click advertising. It's revolutionizing Marketing and could revolutionize your business.
  • Test a change in the headline on your advertising. It's one of the key differences that can increase response.

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