Local Corporations

A more casual culture in the workplace is a goldmine for embroiderers...

The explosion of business casual wear has left its impact on today's embroidery market. Gone are the suits and ties. They have been replaced with the more relaxed look of golf shirts, sweaters and casual button-downs. Most of these items are embroidered and if they are not, they can be. While Corporate America has seen fit to open its doors to more casual attire, it has also been smart enough to embrace this trend to its promotional advantage.

A majority of companies provide their employees with shirts embroidered with the company logo. Some even require these be worn as a sort of uniform. Many companies will also offer embroidered merchandise to its employees through either a sales or incentive program.

To tap into this market, check out the various companies in your area.

Find out which ones are headquartered locally. Those will probably be the easiest to deal with. Get the name of the person in charge of purchasing Embroidered shirts and promotional products. This could be someone in sales or marketing. It could be an administrative assistant or even the owner of the company. Do your research up front to make sure you're directing your efforts to the right person. Once you have determined exactly who that is, make the contact and set up an appointment to show what you have to offer.

Tailor your presentation to the corporate world. Include samples of corporate logos on caps and shirts. If you have time and it is a fairly simple logo, consider digitizing and embroidering their logo on a shirt or cap. Then, give it to your contact. After your initial meeting, stay in touch. While there may not be a job that day or even the next week, when something does come up, you want to make sure your name is at the top of the list of favored embroiderers.

Other markets you should target include :

You've zeroed in on your market, it's time to make a plan.